June 19, 2016 Carrie Chris and Reel Love

Looking Back On Your Wedding Day…

That moment you get engaged the planning fever strikes, you find yourself constantly on Pinterest, searching the ins and outs of every possible imagination you had as a little girl. Now you all know what I’m talking about, that second you get the ring your minds spinning. You have sleepless nights contemplating what venue should I choose, is this dress perfect, what colour of flowers, did we pick the right photographer. But in all your deliberations does a wedding videographer ever come to mind? Most brides overlook this important aspect, as I almost did myself. Luckily for me I had my talented husband recreate ours, but I know most brides are not always as fortunate.

I’m sure most of you would agree a photographer is one of the most sought out aspects of your wedding, and why shouldn’t it be. Everyone wants those images of themselves looking like a model for once in their life. But will it be enough? Will it bring you back to that exact moment where butterflies erupt in your stomach or tears of excitement fill your eyes, as you take that first step down the aisle to the man of your dreams?  Most believe it won’t, which is where a videographer comes in IE: Reel Love Story Films. 🙂 We’re able to capture those emotions around every corner, whether it’s your own personalized vows to one another or your father daughter dance. These moments bring so much deserved happiness why wouldn’t you want them to replay on repeat.

Recently I was speaking with some of my married friends trying to get more insight for this blog, wondering was there anything they wished they DIDNT do at their own wedding.  Most came back to the usual “I wish I hadn’t spent so much on our centerpieces” or “ I wish I didn’t stress so much about the small stuff” which is common regret after a wedding. When asked what they wish they DID do, everyone agreed hired a videographer. It isn’t until the day has come and gone, you sit trying to remember back what song you had at your first dance, or who said what during your speeches, that you realize just how valuable a videographer really is.

FullSizeRenderEveryone reflects back after the wedding wishing they did SOMETHING different. I know for me I wished we had a smaller wedding (even tho we only had 80 people ahah). Although it’s normal to have regret on certain aspect of your wedding, I truly hope videography is not one of them.

Choose REEL LOVE STORY FILMS to capture your most memorable moments as I sincerely understand how absolutely spectacular your day will be. 

No second goes unmissed, and those butterflies you had that day, the happiest day of your life, that’s over in the blink of an eye …. come rushing back the minute you hit play!